Tour Services

Ready to start planning a group tour, but dreading all the logistics that come along with it? Don’t! That’s where the Odyssey Tours philosophy pays off.

Our belief:
This is your vacation; your inspirational trip; your chance to recharge or bond with family, friends and members or congregants. Your only concern should be marketing and recruiting to ensure that people sign up for what will be the trip of a lifetime.

    Let Odyssey’s crackerjack team sweat the details that come with the trip. We’ll:

  • Contact everyone with a checklist of the items required and then check-in to be certain they have everything needed;
  • Hold an in-person meeting with the attendees about a month before the trip to brief them on the itinerary and hold a Q&A for issues like the weather and changing money;
  • Accompany you on the trip to oversee on-the-ground logistics and overcome any unforeseen complications with a hotel, ground transportation, itinerary re-jiggering or something else

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Here’s a list of our upcoming tours – contact us to join!

Just looking for help with travel arrangements? Give us a call!