A Little Gratitude as the Holiday Season Begins

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ll cop to the fact that sometimes I surf the net and waste time I don’t necessarily have. There. I said it out loud. But… every once in a (long) while, I do manage to find a gem.

The other day, while wading through various advertisements for various things that I apparently “must have” for the holidays, and different sites designed to bleed me of my money, I stumbled across a terrific article by Dolores Hirschmann.

Hirschmann, a mastermind coach and a TEDxOrganizer, begins by quoting Howard Jacobson’s article in FAST Company, “Gratitude as a Business Strategy.” Jacobson, a celebrated columnist, poses the following question: “Do you think it’s possible that communicating an attitude of gratitude in your business could actually make you more money?”

Hirschmann responds with her own article called “3 Reasons Why Gratitude is Good for Business” in which she explains why she believes that to be true. Among other things, recognizing someone’s work or a client’s loyalty, she says, promotes a company’s growth and success.

Thank You (1)As the holidays begin, I believe that a little more gratitude and saying thank you a little more often can only make our every days sweeter – and more successful.

I hope you enjoy the article(s) as much as I did and I wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

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