Kotel Western Wall Temple Mount Night

Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

Israel is such a unique country in the world.

Historically it is the birthplace of monotheism and therefore a locale of immense significance to not only Jews, but also Christians and Muslims. The old City of Jerusalem contains numerous points of interest, the most important of which is the Temple Mount, which figures in all religions. Initially established as the site of both Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple upon the return from Babylonian exile, it is also where Jesus overturned the money changing tables and believed by many to be the place from which Mohamed tied his horse and ascended to Heaven.

Other significant points of interest from history include the ancient port of Ceasaria and the desert fortress of Masada, both built by Herod the Great. Visiting Masada also gives you an opportunity to float in the Dead Sea, the lowest point below Sea Level on the Earth’s surface.

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Heading north will bring us to┬áTiberias and the Sea of Galilee, or Kineret as it is known in Hebrew, and the origin of the Jordan River.┬áNearby is Safed, a city once known for being the center of Kabbalism in the 15th and 16th centuries. As many people continue to find the beautiful surroundings inspiring, Safed nowadays houses a large and well-known artists’ colony, which produces a wide variety of artwork and beautiful Judaica.

Modern day highlights include Independence Hall, Yad Vashem and the Palmach museum, which together will offer insight into 20th century Jewry and issues that helped define the modern-day State of Israel.

Another new development in Israel is the growth of the country as the Start-Up Nation, with Tel Aviv the global startup leader outside the US.

Through the tour, you will become familiar with Israel’s geography, its position in the Middle East and both the ancient and modern history of the country and the Jewish people.

Talk to us about your objectives and together we’ll craft a trip that is sure to leave you inspired…and ready to return to Israel again soon!

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