People Who Love Us

Yup, here at Odyssey we feel the love from – and reciprocate it to – our trip participants. Many of them (or you, if you’re re-visiting us) have developed bonds with the Odyssey team, including attending weddings and other affairs.

We believe that these connections elevate our trips, create long-serving bonds and even help improve the human condition. Okay, that last part might be a stretch, but not by much.

See below for some of the great feedback we’ve received about the experience of planning and participating in an Odyssey trip, the personal touch, or our amazing guides,

If you’ve been on an Odyssey trip, please feel free to share your memories with us – we’d love to post it below or on our Facebook page.


Odyssey Experiences:

It was the trip of a lifetime; it was everything we hoped it would be and more.  To say that we all had a great time would be a significant understatement.  Thank you a million times over for all your help.
– VR, Connecticut

Hearing & seeing what Israel represents cannot give it justice till one steps on its land.  I am still in awe with the history, people, falafel, sights, digs etc.  It was a special trip for me as I’ve never toured like this and I used to travel 45 weeks a year on business.
Our guide was exceptional with his love for the country, knowledge of its history and current political problems.  Everyone was thrilled to have him show us the “other side of the story.”
The extraordinary experience was enhanced by the blending of our group and respect we gave one another.  I won’t forget it.
– EN, New Jersey

I want to thank both of you and everyone who helped you for the exceptional time we had on the Israel trip.  It was truly a once in a lifetime experience for E and me.
– JR, California

We returned from Israel this morning.
First, I want to thank you for the experience of a lifetime.  While I expected this trip to be a great one, there are no adjectives adequate enough to explain how much more wonderful it actually turned out.
Nothing could have been any better.  Our guides are incredible people and fabulous tour guides as well.  Glad I followed your advice.
– BA, Connecticut

This is the finest tour agency that I’ve found in 60 years.  I have to tell you, this trip was worth every single penny or shekel.  You guys were absolutely wonderful and it’s memory I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.  Thank you for a terrific tour of Israel.  Can’t wait to go again!
– KD, Florida

As I make my way through my notes and literature, and share endless memories with my husband and friends, I know I will never forget how fabulous this trip was for me.
Originally, this was a “swan song” trip for J and me, as we end our careers at the school.  In fact, it was so much more.  Thank you so very much for such a magnificent experience, always to be cherished and never to be forgotten.
– EL, Connecticut

Personal Touch:

I want to thank you both for all of your efforts in coordinating this complex, often frustrating-to-plan trip.  With so many personalities involved, needs, and desires, the fact that it was so seamless is truly amazing.
– KB, Connecticut

I am so grateful for your work on this trip and your funny personality and wonderful caring spirit.  You are the absolute best.  We will not make a trip without contacting you to see if you are going there in the time frame we need.  I want us to do this again.  Thanks for taking such good care of us and especially my sister in her hour of need.
– M & V, Texas

I wanted to thank you both for the incredible job you did on our trip.  Putting together big events/trips/productions – anything involving lots of people and details – is always far more involved than outsiders can guess.
I know I can’t even dream up the millions of tiny (and, doubtless, annoying) things you had to deal with.  But you always acted like everything was fine and easy.  That’s a skill I’d like to have!  And I love a person who always says everything I want is no problem.
Please know that your hard work was truly appreciated by the group, who often discussed (okay, gossiped – but in a nice way) about how great you were.
– CS, Connecticut 

It was a terrific trip.  You two plus your guide, and of course, your bus driver, are an extraordinary team.  We recommend you highly.  Outstanding leadership!  I loved everything we did.
– LC, California

Thanks for organizing such a great trip.  We really enjoyed being with both of you…you are both so personable and fun to be with.
It was by far our most memorable trip ever.
– LS, Connecticut

Thanks for making our trip such a memorable one.  Your knowledge and expertise, along with your sweet and caring personality, make you the ideal person to tackle the task of ensuring that these trips are safe, informative and enjoyable.
We were very blessed to be in your capable hands.
– JW, Texas

I do want to thank you both for organizing such great trip. You were all VERY accommodating to all of our “meshugasn”. Every day was well planned and it was a great experience.
– AM, Connecticut

Odyssey guides:

Thank your guide for assuring us a most incredible journey through the Holy Land.  His passion for Israel is infectious!
He generously shared his vast knowledge of history and tradition with us, giving us ten days of “learning”, which eclipsed all of our previous exposure to the history of our people.
The emotional high we experienced at Masada is one we will never forget.  The Shehechiyanu will take on a new meaning to us for the rest of our lives.
Memories of our time together brings us both laughter and tears.
– RR, Pennsylvania 

You were 1000% right about your guide.  I want to adopt him as our Israeli uncle.  The breadth and depth of his knowledge is extraordinary, and he brought everything alive and made it all personal.  His love of Israel and of the Jewish people shines through every story, and every explanation.  He can, and did, build a story about every stone, every street, and every little unknown detail.  He managed to make us feel transported back 2000 years.  He is a very special person, and we feel privileged to be his friends.
– VR, Connecticut